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Bristol, United Kingdom
I am a Wildlife Artist, with a keen interest in birds and birding since childhood. This blog is intended as a vehicle for my work in progress, and continuing reportage of voyages into the world of Birding and Nature. Also check out the film channel... http://www.youtube.com/user/TeamPB100 If something appears on this blog, a film record might appear on the channel. I hope you enjoy what you find here. More artwork can be found here... http://philbaber.weebly.com/index.html

The Cartoonist and Creator of Cat Stephen...

Phil Baber
Erstwhile Creator of a Man-Cat Monster...

Phil Baber doing some much needed research in Poland.

I have been a Cartoonist for a very long time. Stephen is just one of the many strip-characters I have created over the years. You can see more of my stuff here...


I shouted in a rare bathtime moment, (cue rare-bathing smelly-cartoonist jokes...)

"Why not give a, less than appealing, cartoon-character his own blog?"

So, in a bizarre social experiment, I set to work, trawling through the pages of a hibernating character's back-catalogue. 

And the Blog was born.

I wonder what I have unleashed on the World?
Is the harmony of our existence about to be flipped into entropy?
Or will Cat Stephen attract a legion of followers? Followers intent on poring over the pitiful diarisations of a blue man-cat..?

Only time will hatch this egg out. Thank you dear reader for helping to incubate that odd-shaped egg...

Best of the best to you all!


"Cat Stephen." Copyright Phil Baber.

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If you like my work, you can contact me via the blog.

Contact Cat Stephen.

Leave a message for him on the blog. I am sure he will get back to you eventually. Also any suggestions, or ideas for Stephen to toy with would be welcome. "Interactive Stephen" could be an interesting Science Project.

Stephen in "Uncharted Waters" 1992